I have penned website content, political essays, op-ed pieces, movie, book, concert and gadget reviews, celebrity interviews, blogs, in-depth wellness newsletters, business plans for art galleries, tech companies, apparel and record labels, poetry, marketing and site content, white papers, and letters.

My philosophy is that people deserve to be given engaging content that satisfies their needs, whether it’s thought provoking or troll food. I also remix syntax sensibly.


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Here are some of my favorites that I have written:

Why We Listen to Music (State of Mind of the Arts)
Is Celebrity Obsession Destroying Our Society? (The Celebrity Cafe)
The Album: Extinction or Evolution? (State of Mind of the Arts)
What Happens to Music Collections When They’re Just Collections? (State of Mind of the Arts)
What Do Album Sales Measure? (State of Mind of the Arts)
The Cult of Personality – The Modern Artist’s Mantra (State of Mind of the Arts)
Price Points vs. Perceived Value ( State of Mind of the Arts)
Nophest 2009 (QRO Magazine)


Sites and Mags I have contributed include:
MusicDish E-Journal
Geeks Are Sexy
Vicious Magazine
SoundCheck Magazine

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