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Rule #1

20150506_151100 I like working at coffee shops, restaurants, and bars.  I meet interesting people.  I enjoy the varied atmospheres.  I find out what people are listening to, what they are wearing, and I overhear and participate in the most interesting conversations (as well as inane ones).  I find that getting out of the house and into the world is always a good idea, even when it’s not.

The only drawback to being the boss is there’s no one to boss me around.  I call the shots, and sometimes it’s shooting myself in the foot, the face, or the heart.  Sometimes it’s shooting myself in the face with my foot.  The freedom of being the master of my own destiny is the oppression of having to chart the course. Everything’s a trade.

This is job, though, and requires the same level of jobliness as clocking in at Amalgamated Milgo and churning out sprockets and dongles.  I churn out ideas, entertainment, and contribution – or at least I do if I’m following Rule #1.

Rule #1 is “Don’t bore people.”  It’s amazing how often people will keep talking when the listener’s eyes have glazed over, or how people will put together a program that is interesting to them, ignoring their audience. This is why I live by Rule #1, even when it’s a mute button. I’d rather than say nothing than be a snoozer.

Somewhere along the course of living, I’ve lost interest in insisting that people see things through the goggles of my visions. I want to touch people, and that requires meeting them where they’re at, and connecting in ways that work for them, not me.

Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t completely selfless.  I desire a loud enough voice to cut through the noise; I want to be heard.  I believe that being heard is more about how I say it than what I say.  That’s why trolls keep on trolling, it’s all in the delivery.

Sometimes I want to blather on, and dump the entire contents of thought and feeling into song and onto paper.  But then I remember Rule #1, and that most of what I think needs to be said doesn’t.

I’m sure I could say more about this, but Rule #1 is kicking in. Still with me?

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