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The Final Touch

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

I put an absurd amount of significance into finishing things. As if this seemingly grandiose expression will stop the world in its tracks.

It’s the reason I tell myself why I can’t let things go. They ain’t right. Isn’t. They’re not right. Unrightly. Correctable?

Best case scenario I’ll be granted the gift of being a thread in the tapestry of a life.

A moment of shared experience – expression art love words.

At worst, this will get vandalized or deleted at some unspecified future (or even past) point.

I’m a big believer in professionalism. Shine matters. It’s important.

It’s a comically self-absorbed viewpoint. Absurd in it’s pretentiousness

The final bulwark against sheer insignificance.

Might as well eat when it’s fresh.

Even when I don’t enjoy it.

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