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Everything has BS

Photo credit: sakhorn38 -

Photo credit: sakhorn38 –

I subscribe to the philosophy of living true to one’s passions. Do things we love to do. Create lifestyles we enjoy. Constantly enrich ourselves through art and love and knowledge. I think there’s a lot of BS hitched to the train. I much prefer the BS of modern life to some of the alternatives, but that’s just me.

I don’t think BS is a problem. It comes with the territory of life on Earth. The trap for me is when I say to myself “Oh, I’m not passionate or inspired about doing this thing, so I won’t do it.” As if sites update themselves, or boxes magically move from one pile to another. Sometimes I love the BS, but the day to day stuff can suck the passion away. It’s mulch for some of my most inspired moments, but that makes no difference when I’m shoveling.

I used to insist that all that BS isn’t really BS because it’s part of what I love to do, but that’s more BS. Life is BS. Waiting on hold, in traffic, or for the show to start. The monotony of rendering effects and folding clothes and mopping floors. Sorting through emails, notebooks, and samples. Cover your nose and wipe thoroughly.

I’ll tell ya, no matter what bow tie I put on that stuff, it’s still a bunch of BS. No matter how good the music is, lugging the gear to stage and back again is BS. And that’s just my rig. The dentist waiting room is BS, and I am utterly grateful for modern dental alchemy. Mercury fillings aren’t BS, putting that stuff in our heads is a terrible idea.

Sometimes the BS overwhelms me, and I forget my passion. That’s my thing: I turn passion into obligation. I have watched water boil and counted seconds until the timer sings. Adrift on a sea of BS, but unwilling to lose my place in the cue. I yearn for the passionate moments, regarding them as an elusive mountaintop flower. As if the hustle is some means to an end, rather than the game itself.

The greatest BS of all is what I turn my life’s work into when my humanity runs unchecked.

I reserve the right to change any acronym at any time to serve my irreverent will, regardless of how many or few choose to agree with my skewed interpretation. Maybe BS means something different than I think it means.

Bland Stuff
Boring Scenery
Bloated Systems
Brain Storm
Belly Surgery
Burpy Sensationalism
Billboard Sniper
Blue Sister
Beggar’s Satchel
Biological Sustainability
Black Sheep
Brisk Slapstick
Bird Songs
Beveled Sandstone
Bitcrushed Sample
Before Satisfaction

Yeah, I like that. The stuff I do before I’m satisfied by a job well done. Everything has BS to it. Right before I’m satisfied. As long as I’m willing to be guided by my passion, life can retain it’s crisp and cool colors, even if distribution can be challenging.

Build Something. Big Score beyond sight.

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