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Monday Melange

Vitamin D packed sunbeamCoconut milk and coffee and pastry pockets filled with spinach and trap. That’s what color filter I’m running life through at the moment. I aspire to live an interesting life.

There are dull spots, but even Big Bird has slow days. Life is a series of in-betweens, happening in-between interesting events. I wonder which one this is.

I’m looking for my lane, but I like to swerve, ya know? The view gets boring from anywhere if I sit too long. I think that’s why I like photographs. Not my lane, though.

I just keep thinking about being funky. Whatever kind of that thing you call it is all right. Call anything anything you want it to be. I don’t mind.

Mostly, what I want to do is to move people. To get under their skin and make shift and shuffle. To speak in fragments and be understood. To remix syntax sensibly.

In the moment I take to reflect as I write this, looking for the honest thing to write, I can feel the pull of trying to water me down, and dilute my me-ness. But like a big nose, it’s always there right in the middle of my face.

So this thing called the afternoon consists of BBC Radio 1, writing interesting prose, collecting samples, corresponding with clients, and a perfect sunbeam bathing me in its Vitamin D.

And this thing I discovered called learning. Reading articles and studying what’s going on and using Wikis and Google to expand my knowledge about things that are relevant to the lanes I travel in. Something I long ago cast off as a “waste of time.” I’m grateful there’s at least today to correct some mistakes.

Searching for my voice again, the most obvious thing to do hides from my view – do the damn thing.

Blap Blap.
Tik-kuh Tik-kah Tuk-kuh

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  1. Sue Baldock

    Woo hoo!!!!!!!

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