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The Mic Mell New Year

34 years ago today two major things happened:
1. James Earl Carter was elected President of the United States of America
2. At 11:57am, after a few hours of labor and heavy drugs, I escaped from the embryonic sac in which I lived for 9 months.

Sure, lots of other things probably happened that day.  People got married and broke up, car accidents happened.  Houses burned and banquets were served, but these are the two that matter for the purpose of this post.

34 years later, much remains unchanged.  It’s Election day today.  My mom still gets me the coolest birthday cards.  I have the same number of appendages and internal organs I did then (with the exception of teeth; I started with none).

Some things, however, are different.  I live in Georgia, which is where Jimmy Carter lives.  Four prong telephone jacks and giant calculating machines have been replaced with fiber optic cable and intarwebz.  Jim Henson has been gone from this world for 20 years.

Today is the Mic Mell New Year, and two days into the official launch of my annual holiday season.  For the first time since I turned 20, today is a pure celebration of me.  The one time each year when narcissism is not only acceptable, but mandatory.

Today I will feast upon chicken wings and the love of my friends.  As my birthday week marches on, I will meet new family members and hug old ones, and party with a perfect view of Midtown Atlanta.

If life was any better, it would be exactly the same.

One Response to The Mic Mell New Year

  1. Adam "ARM" M

    Happy birthday bro! I meant to call but you know how I am. I’ll be calling tomorrow, though!

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