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megaphoneEverybody has a voice, some people have just refined theirs to a sharp point. Doctors, politicians, mommies, rock stars, construction workers, authors, friends, that kid at the bar talking about how steel I-beams don’t melt from burning jet fuel. Voices. Those with the loudest voices tend to become the most defined, even when they’re well-defined trolls. Staying in character is one of the most important skills.

We’re all putting on some kind of airs, even if a hot mess is rearing in the background. We play cousin and sibling and bowling team member and line dancer and charming party-goer and aloof LARPer. Voices. Underneath, we’ve all got something going on. I know I do. I know I’m not the only one*.

Some people put themselves out there, some hide, and many could care less either way. They have more important things to think about than the esoteric anomaly of human existence and our respective places in the universe. But our voices carry to however large or small our audience is, and is a part of our lifestyles and livelihoods. We’re all selling something, whether its services, an opinion, our ideas, or where we want to go for dinner**. Our voices matter. Even the whiny ones.

“We define ourselves through our expression,” said Captain Obvious. You know that outdoorsy guy or that woman that loves to dance in the rain? Voices. I am mindful of my voice. I’m loud, so it’s couth to put some thought into what kind of jibber jabber I have to contribute. I wonder if my voice is valuable or just incredibly annoying. The answer is probably both; I enjoy balance.

I find the spectrum of human expression fascinating. We live lives happening simultaneously, and we all chew differently, even while our middle distance stares are quite samey***. A bunch of chatter and actions and choices and tastes and beliefs all smooshed together into this amorphous blob of humanity that churns out 13 flavors of kale chips and semiconductors. People shouting and cooing. Curtains and pants. Voices.

What’s your voice? How do you sharpen it?

Questions for the ages. Or you can add them to the comments. That would be livelier.

* gratuitous pop culture reference
** a luxury I am quite fond of
*** it is clearly a word because I just used it

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  1. Nice blog, your voice comes through loud and clear. “Samey” should be nominated for word of the year.

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